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Professional and licensed Back Flow Testing Service in San Diego County

For the residents of San Diego, backflow device installation and back flow testing has become an important factor. In order to ensure the purity of original potable water supply to the residence installing backflow devices and executing their testing on an annual basis has become a necessary part of the residents in San Diego. Backflow prevention devices play a vital role in making sure that our drinking water remains clean and free of dangerous impurities, especially in buildings, restaurants and hotels. Usually local water authority or health authority requires most of the businesses in San Diego to make sure that their backflow testing records are updated annually at the city service offices.


Backflow prevention devices are designed to make sure waste, chemicals and gases do not come out of the main sewer lines to the lateral fresh water lines. This could contaminate your fresh water supply making it impure with presence of unhealthy chemicals and sewage wastes. With properly installed and maintained backflow prevention devices with a perfectly executed backflow testing service helps in giving guarantee of your entire building of getting clean and fresh drinking water free of contaminants.

Backflow Test

In order to ensure public health of San Diego County, it is required by the local water authority to ensure every business in San Diego undergo a backflow testing executed by licensed and certified backflow testing professionals on a regular basis. You can get effective and professional backflow testing service from ABP Backflow that will offer a convenient backflow testing without causing any interruption of your water service. We specialize in providing backflow testing, repair and installation service with great dedication that result in 100% satisfaction. Our team of expert professionals will arrive at your door step equipped with advanced tools to efficiently diagnose and fix your backflow device. We are available 24 hours a day to serve you. Visit our website today to get licensed backflow testing service in San Diego County.